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Polytopia Crypto Explained: What Is It & How Does It Work?

Is Polytopia a Crypto that you should be worried about investing in?
The Battle of Polytopia Map
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Cryptocurrencies have grown in a vast way over the last couple of years. Before the Dogecoins of the world, Bitcoin was the original cryptocurrency that people mined for using computers. Now these days, just about anyone can simply create a new crypto currency out of thin air with mere words. One such person who’s had many thoughts about cryptocurrencies, is Tesla CEO, Elon Musk. In fact, just last summer he jokingly created a new form of cryptocurrency of his own, Polytopia. So what is Polytopia Crypto and how does it work? Let’s explain.

Polytopia Crypto Explained: What Is It & How Does It Work?

It all started last year when Musk tweeted a meme about Dogecoin on a graph with Polytopia edited in under it as if this specific Crypto was rising. It was simply a joke. Musk is a person who enjoys himself a meme every so often and is known to push buttons from time to time with some of his choices. This one though, was just him expressing his humor around some of the ridiculous types of cryptocurrencies being developed. Though he’s a strong voice for cryptocurrency, even he seems to notice that some folks have turned to creating them as a get-rich-quick scheme more than anything.

Musk has also shown his cards of being somewhat of a gamer, as he often talks about his love for the strategy title, The Battle of Polytopia which is where this meme drew inspiration from. He often talks about video games as well as his admiration for different kinds on his Twitter profile.

Fast-forward a year though since his meme tweet, and you’ll find that a “PolyTopia” Crypto was indeed created from this joking post. You can find the cryptocurrency through Polygonscan and see its history. There hasn’t been much going on with it as of late since the talk surrounding it has died down. In fact, this currency isn’t even worth anything at this point with 2,346 holders at this current time.

So if you’re interested in whether or not to get invested with PolyTopia, the answer would probably be not to at this point unless Musk is going to talk about it again in the future. If you’re hoping he does, then it may be worth it for you to invest a few dollars just in case, but I wouldn’t bank on getting rich from it for the foreseeable future. Since July 4 of 2021, the currency has had a significant drop and has had a steady flat-line since.

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