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Top 5 Best Armor in The Forest

Protect yourself!
Wounded in the Forest
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Armor is essential in most survival games, but it’s especially pertinent in The Forest. The Forest is a brutal survival game that only gets harder the longer you play it; you’re as good as dead if you don’t have any good armor in this horrific survival game. There are 6 different types of armor in the game, each with its own positive and negative aspects.

All armor is useful in some way, but that doesn’t mean all armor is created equal in The Forest. Some pieces of armor are a lot more beneficial than others, and the biggest obstacle is trying to figure out which armor is the best for survival. If you’re having trouble trying to decide which armor to get in this game, try using this guide to discover all the best armor in The Forest!

Top 5 Best Armor in The Forest

Lizard Skin Armor

Lizard Skin Armor is one of the best pieces of armor in the game, simply because it’s so easy to obtain early in the game. The early stages of gameplay in The Forest can be very confusing and disorienting to new players, so it’s smart to load up on any life-saving armor you can get your hands on as soon as possible. This armor may not give you the best defense rates in the game, but it’s certainly easy to craft, and the materials to make it are readily available. To craft the Lizard Skin Armor in The Forest, all you need are these materials:

  • 1 Lizard Skin

Bone Armor

Bone Armor in The Forest is less easy to obtain than the Lizard Skin Armor, but it provides much more protection! Although this armor isn’t as easy to craft as some other armors in the game, it’s still very easy to get your hands on early game, especially when compared to the Creepy Armor or the Warmsuit Armor. As long as you’ve been stocking up on bones from your hunting excursions, you shouldn’t worry about not being able to craft this unexpectedly durable armor. Bone Armor is good in the sense that it offers surprisingly good protection from enemies, though it is much louder than other armors in the game, so you wouldn’t want to deck yourself out in Bone Armor if you’re trying to be stealthy. To craft yourself some Bone Armor, you’ll need all of these materials:

  • 6 Bones
  • 3 Cloth

Stealth Armor

Stealth Armor is used for exactly what you think it’s used for! This armor is perfect for anyone wanting to be stealthy in the game, especially if you’re lurking around the dangerous caves or cannibal territory. Stealth Armor works just like the Lizard Skin Armor, but it comes with the added benefit of decreased visibility. Enemies will have a hard time finding you when you’re wearing this armor, and even if you are located, they’ll still have a tough time breaking through the armor’s defenses! This armor definitely lives up to its name, if you want to craft yourself some Stealth Armor in The Forest, gather these materials:

  • 15 Leaves
  • 1 Lizard Skin
Mutants in The Forest
Image via Endnight Games/Rabbit Bay Games

Creepy Armor

The Creepy Armor is, arguably, the best armor in the entire game. This armor is difficult to get, but it offers some crazy good protection from enemies. Creepy Armor gives players twice the amount of protection that Bone Armor provides, and is widely considered to be the strongest armor in The Forest. However, this armor is very difficult to obtain; unlike most armor in the game, Creepy Armor cannot be crafted.

Creepy Armor can only be obtained by skinning Creepy Mutants, such as Virginias, Armsies, and Cowmen. If you’re trying to get a lot of Creepy Armor fast, it’s recommended that you take down as many Girl Creepy Mutants as you can, as they each drop 3 entire pieces of Creepy Armor at their place of death. It’s also worthy to note that the Mutant Babies do not drop any Creepy Armor, so don’t go around killing them hoping for some free armor. This armor is understandably difficult to obtain in the game, but if you’re far enough in the game, it’s incredibly worth putting in the effort to get!

Warmsuit Armor

The Warmsuit armor is odd in the sense that it offers very little protection from enemies, but it’s still one of the most sought-after pieces of armor in the game. The Warmsuit offers a whopping 100% protection rate against the cold, so you’ll never have to worry about freezing again as long as you’re wearing this armor in The Forest! This armor is a must-have if you’re planning on swimming in The Forest’s frigid waters or trekking through the snow-covered mountains. This armor isn’t easy to craft, but you’re able to craft it using these materials:

  • 6 Deer Skin
  • 4 Boar Skin
  • 1 Raccoon Skin
  • 1 Rabbit Fur
  • 2 Cloth
  • 2 Rope

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Armor is pertinent to your survival in The Forest! Playthroughs become 100% harder when you don’t wear armor in this game, especially if you’re fond of exploration and hunting. Armor is definitely important in The Forest, but it’s not the only item you need to worry about crafting or carrying with you at all times.

Arrows, medicine, and water are all extremely important necessities to worry about in this game; it would be really embarrassing to die of dehydration in a world full of ungodly mutants and psychotic cannibals. If you love playing this game and would love to play other games like it, check out Gamer Journalist’s guides for Raft on PC!

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