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How to Name Your Ship in Sea of Thieves

Yo ho! A good ship needs a good name!
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The highly popular online multiplayer Sea of Thieves has added new features to the game with Season 7. There are some new minor features that are just fun cosmetic additions to the game we can finally have. You can now name and rename your ship as you like. Of course, there is no vulgar or derogatory language used and the safety system in the game seems quite strict on this. With that little warning out of the way let’s now show you how to name your Ship in Sea of Thieves.

How to Name your Ship in Sea of Thieves

Naming your ship is actually quite easy. However, to first be able to name your ship, you have to become a captain of your own vessel. To become a captain all you have to do is buy any ship from the My Ships Menu. During the purchasing process, you will be asked to name your ship. There is a 20-character limit, and you are not allowed numbers. You also can not use special characters like #, $, %, and other similar symbols.

Sorry to say, but if you are looking to rename your ship, you will have to buy a Ship Renaming Deed. So think real hard and make sure the name you give your ship is the one you want, or you will have to pay the price. That price is 499 Ancient Coins, or $5.50 if you want to use a real-world purchase. The Deed is located under the captaincy section of the Pirate Emporium.

As a reminder, be careful of how and what you name your ship. The names seem to be taken under strict consideration by the Sea of Thieves system. There have been reports of some glitches and issues of players claiming even their normal uncrude names not working, though these may just be the game itself struggling to load or complete your purchase. Have fun, be creative and if you got 5 bucks to spare you can always try a new cooler name you come up with along the way.

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